Perfect Dark: N64 Vs XBOX 360

I know what you're thinking: "not another Perfect Dark video...!" Well stop your groaning, dear reader! This is even cooler that the previous vids I've uploaded. Ever played the XBLA (that's Xbox Live Arcade, for the uninitiated) remake of Perfect Dark for the 360? No? Didn't even know it existed? Well, then. To be honest, I'm sure most people will be aware of the 2010 HD remake, but in case you weren't, here's a cool comparison. Most things are the same, save for the visuals...but even those are really only super hi-res recreations of the original graphics. One of the biggest graphical changes is Joanna Dark herself - she's no longer a slightly frumpy looking woman, but has somehow transformed into a fairly attractive female lead. You can't really tell from the video, but trust me - she looks a lot better in the remake. And that isn't sexist. Other character models have also been updated and the background cityscape details in the first mission have been given a massive overhaul, among other things. Have a gander, see what you think:

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