Perfect DOOM

I love Perfect Dark. I also love DOOM. Here, I've combined the two to create Perfect DOOM! Enjoy.

In case anyone wondered, the music is ripped from the 3DO port of DOOM. It's a crummy version plagued with a bad frame rate and tiny play window, but the reworked music is freaking awesome - that ain't no MIDI - it's a full blown rock and roll symphony! The sound effects I got from OldDoom and then I inserted them individually in Final Cut Pro and lined them up with the video in the appropriate place. Took a while, but it was worth it, even if it was just for my own amusement! I think I missed a reload sound effect just after the repeatedly opening and closing door section, but hey...what can I say? It was late and The Invention of Lying was on the TV in the background. The appallingly unfunny nature of that film alone was enough to distract me from my work.

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