Wip3out Vs WipEout 64

So, I waxed lyrical about WipEout 64 a few months back, and I still have the same opinions even after playing WipEout 2048 and HD Fury to death on my PS Vita - WipEout 64 is my favourite entry in the series. I love the sense of speed, even in the lowest racing class, and the music is perfection. Sure, it looks a bit ropey by today's HD standards...but I don't care. It feels excellent and sounds amazing - that'll do for me. To that end, I thought I'd create another comparison video, this time showcasing how well WipEout 64 stands up against the PlayStation's Wip3out. You could argue that a comparison with WipEout 2097 would be more appropriate looking at the similarities between the two, but I thought it best to show these two games as there was a shorter length of time between their releases (WipEout 2097 - 1996, WipEout 64 - 1998, Wip3out - 1999).

Wip3out is a stunning game, the graphics really show what the PS1 was capable of, and the tracks are all very interesting and have a good range of settings (although they do seem a little bit clean and 'utopian' for my liking!). It's also full of little details like engine reflections off wet tarmac and flocks of seagulls that scatter off the track as you approach at 300 mph. I have to admit that I'm not the greatest WipEout player (you'll be able to tell that from the clip), but this wasn't really about showcasing my own skills with a joypad. I wanted to show off the N64's ability to produce blisteringly fast, detailed graphics. The N64 footage does have a bit of interlacing and I think it's something to do with the actual video output from the console...but it's good enough. Enjoy:

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