Two Tales: Conker 64

That title isn't a typo. It refers to the two different versions of Conker's Bad Fur Day that made it out of Rare's door before they turned into the Microsoft Kinect Sports whores that they have become. Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of my favourite N64 games, not just because it looks great and has some really clever adult humour...but because it's fun to play and well, it's a Rare game of old.

It has all the quality hallmarks of Perfect Dark, Mickey's Speedway, Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie before it. I actually really like Conker as a character too - he's almost an anti-hero with his foul mouth, wise-cracks to camera and alcoholic tendencies.

The main point of this post though, is a quick look at the differences between the original N64 release and the later Xbox port, Conker: Live & Reloaded. It's pretty much the same game, although there are points throughout where the developers have made subtle changes (and reference them too, which is cool). The most notable difference is the complete graphical overhaul Live & Reloaded received, and owing to the obvious technological leap the Xbox was over the N64, it is very noticeable. Even Conker himself looks very different; his fur looks more realistic and he's found some shorts but lost his gloves. I intend to do a game play comparison video too, but for now here's a little look at the graphical differences in the opening (Clockwork Orange) section. I tried to match the sound as best I could, but there are a few minor cock-ups. I'm sure Conker would have something to say, but seeing as I quite like the guy I'd just offer to buy him a pint as recompense.

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