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Hello! Welcome to Expansion Pak Detected, a blog dedicated to the N64 and its games, peripherals and oddities. The N64 holds a special place in my heart as it was a console I pined for for such a long time back when it was released in 1997.

At the time, I was a schoolboy who owned a Sega Saturn and I was fascinated/obsessed with the idea of a Nintendo console that promised to usher in a new age of fully 3D, 64-bit gaming. I already owned an Atari Jaguar (the self-styled 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System) at that time, and felt pretty pissed off that it was only marginally better than the Sega Megadrive that my brother had owned (for example, we both had copies of Fever Pitch Soccer and Flashback...and the differences were minimal, if non-existent), so when Games Master Magazine et al started showing screenshots of 'proper' 64-bit games, I was instantly hooked and knew that I had to have an Ultra/N64.

In late 1997 my dream came true when I somehow managed to swap my Saturn (along with about 14 games, two pads and a light gun) for an N64 with a solitary cartridge, a single control pad and no Memory Pak. That aforementioned cart was F1 Pole Position 64, and even though the game was a little underwhelming, I knew deep down that I'd done the right thing in getting involved in the world of the N64.

Christmas wasn't far away and that festive season I received ISS 64, a second controller and a Memory Pak. I vividly remember firing the N64 up amongst the wrapping paper and starting a game of ISS on the 'big telly' in the living room, and my brother and I just sat there in total stunned silence as we witnessed the most amazing thing we had ever seen. The graphics were jaw-dropping, the gameplay short, we sat on the couch playing match after match, through the afternoon (fuck the Queen's Speech - this was ISS 64!), until way past midnight - and my love affair with the N64 was born.

The next day, a friend brought GoldenEye and another pad round to our house and a re-run of Christmas Day's TV hogging ensued, much to my mum and sisters' annoyance. Happy days indeed...

He tried to do too much...

With this blog, I intend to relive those halcyon days by detailing my favourite N64 experiences and highlighting my worst. I also plan to reference my favourite magazines and look at some of the games and peripherals that were promised for the N64, but never came to light.

This new venture is a bit of a diversion for me seeing as my last retro-gaming blog was focussed on the Sega Dreamcast, but hopefully I can recreate that blog's popularity and add something to the N64 scene while I'm at it.

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